The Hike for Youth

This funding project was begun in 2004, and serves a coalition of non-profit agencies in the Denver/Boulder area whose mission is to educate youth in outdoor education, nature studies, personal growth using outdoor skills and environmental stewardship.

The event takes place in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, where hundreds of hikers gather, hike, raise funds through sponsorship and support of the work of benefiting agencies.

TheFerrantiFoundation serves as the founder of this event and its chief benefactor. Any coalition of outdoor education groups are welcome to contact Philip Ferranti in order to receive a logistical overview for starting your own event, and possible financial support.

Hike for Youth PO Box 57, Denver, CO 80201

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation

TheFerrantiFoundation served as founding support for the Helping Hands Foundation, a charitable organization providing care for animal pets/strays by helping clients with limited finances pay for necessary medical and surgical care for their pets, and advancing efforts in the prevention of cruelty to animals. Helping Hands works through Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, Denver Colorado.

Phone: 303-366-2639

Veterinary Work-Study Program University College Dublin, Ireland

TheFerrantiFoundation works in support of the Veterinary Faculty of Medicine at Dublin’s University College to provide summer work-study scholarships to four deserving men and women students, to further their skills in Veterinary Science.

The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust, Inc. ----"Teach the River" project.

A two day environmental educational symposium focusing on the watersheds of Central California, its rivers, lands, wildlife and the human use of natural resources...where over 300 educators gather and learn how to share with students information on educational and recreational use of riverways.

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